Monday, July 31, 2006


Traditional community service organizations take care of the problems in their own community or nation. Cooperation was lacking. The result is just as Daniel said, “every program does their own thing”. The limited resources thus cannot be utilized effectively. It is difficult for us to solve some serious and common problems like poverty if we continue to arrange our programs in this pattern.

We can use Internet for mentoring, advertising and discussion. Discussion means volunteers, who have different backgrounds, can participate in the discussion. They can use their professional knowledge to give some strategies for advertising and “e-mentoring”. Such brainstorming acts as a useful tool to further improve our existing program and enhance our cooperation without any constraints.

On the other hand, people may not understand the idea of tutoring and mentoring. Volunteers, who are serving in different professions, can help explaining this idea within their network. It just like priests went to places around the world for preaching. The difference is we use Internet and our own network to “preach” such idea.

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