Monday, July 23, 2007

No business no gain (1)

It has been a while since last update. Last week I made a great 3-day direct interact with the kids by participating the activities led by the students and teachers from Edgewood College. The 3 days made last week really exhausting but meaningful.

First day, we had a long trip in downtown. We were divided into groups with the kids and worked on some tasks like finding out the average number of french fries in MC Donald or the names of 3 churches we came to. When I was a little boy, my school didn't even have such kind of activities. The funniest activities organized by my school were like just a simple trip to a zoo or a museum.

We also went to the Tribune Freedom Museum. I was a bit confused when I came to the name of the museum. The concept of freedom is a very abstract idea in my country. Common people never talk about it, and when the right of freedom is violated, people don't even notice it. It just seems like the word "freedom" mostly appear in peoms or fictions. I was wondering how a museum would exhibit a intangible concept like freedom, but after I went through the museum, I did gain a new understanding of how Americans care about freedom. According to the previous experience and the materials I read, I think the government of my country has not done a satisfying job on appreciating the right of freedom on some affairs. There may be some difficulties due to objective conditions, but something could have been better if they thought more about it.

This is just a part of what I went through last week. I will post more later.

PS. I have added the blog of Nicole, who is a graduate from Northwestern University and also a new intern in Cabrini Connection, to the links section on the right side, and as Dan mentioned in his comment on Michael's post, another tutor/mentor blog created by John Jenkins is added as well.

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