Monday, February 22, 2010

Interns from IIT - Great Work!

Eunsoo Lee (KuDo - front right in photo) and Jawon Koo (Peter - front left in photo)are finishing their final week as interns with Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection. They have been working to create flash animation interpretations of ideas expressed in essays on the Tutor/Mentor Connection site. This Collaboration Goals essay was what they started with. They had to learn flash when they got to our site in late January. They've done that and created these projects in less than six weeks.

You can view the projects they created on this section of the Tutor/Mentor Institute site.

Eunsoo has been keeping a blog, and he says "I hope they don't forget me." We won't. Your project will be on our web site for people from all over the world to see. You're profile will stay on the Ning site, so you can continue to stay part of Cabrini Connections from where ever you go in the world.

Peter has started a second project, which will be posted here when completed.

It's amazing how much these students can do in so short a time. It shows how students from throughout the world could be creating projects like this in an effort to help educate volunteers and donors and public leaders on where and how they could help high poverty youth get the help they need to move to jobs and careers.

If you'd like to get students from your college or high school involved, just introduce yourself on the Tutor/Mentor Connection Ning site.

The others in this photo: Front, Toni Pullen (left); Nicole White (right). Back, from left: Bradley Troast, Daniel Bassill, El Da'Sheon Nix and Mike Trakan.