Sunday, February 24, 2008


I am in Hong Kong now and I just enjoyed the Chinese new year(Feb. 7th) with my family in Shanghai.

This lunar new year has been a very special one. Many areas in mainland China suffered from snowstorm, and it had turned to be the most serious one in the past 50 years. Supplies and facilities were damaged, and hundreds of thousand people heading for home for the festival were stuck in train stations in some cities.

I will graduate in one year and start my career soon. The experience with tutor/mentor connection is very helpful to me. I am glad to know that another intern from HK Baptist Univerisity will go to T/MC this summer.

I also checked the two web quests made by the interns from Korea. Personally I like the South Korea Webquest more because it offers an great opportunity to the students to touch eastern culture. It can help them establish a global view. It is very wise to have international interns from time to time working with TM/C.

- by Paul