Thursday, August 09, 2007

Last day

This is the last day of my internship in Tutor/Mentor Connection. Tomorrow I will fly to Washington to begin a series of trips around the United States.

I have really been having good times here. Yesterday, the colleagues held a very nice lunch for me. It did surprised me that they gave me many meaningful things as gifts. I don't even have had such a good lunch for birthday in the past years! They are very nice persons and I am really happy being with them.

The flash is not 100% completed but it is time to let you have a look at what I have been working on.

click here to view it

There is still a lot of work to do on it as Dan has more ideas to make it better, so I will keep on working on it after the vacation. In addition, I have added another flash presentation of the "No General Goes to War w/o a Map" to the Tutor/Mentor Exchange Institute.

At last, Thank you all for being with me and helping me with everything. I don't want to make it sentimental because this is not an end, and the connections will go on.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Last week

It is August 7th and this is the last week I am in Chicago. It is just like what Michael said - Time flies.

I have been working on the flash animation since last post. I feel like that I am learning a new skill along with working on it and this is very encouraging to me. I always like leaning new things. Let me show you the current progress.

The little figure attached to the track moves along the track and it is just a loop. The 4 colors indicate the 4 diferent phases in the service learning process which is boosted by Tutor/Mentor connection. What I am looking forward to do is to add some interactive things like buttons to make it more user-friendly and easy to understand.

BTW, the idea of "track" to demonstrate the concept was brought up by Dan. He said the idea came up to him when he watched kids playing video games. This is really interesting that we can extract some creative ideas from daily life to help what we are working on.

If anyone of you happen to have some good idea on it, please tell me!

This is not the last post I make here. I will let you know more if I finish the flash later in this week, and I will keep updating after I leave Chicago.

- Paul WEI