Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Thank you to interns and universities

This blog was created in 2006 by Michael Tam, an intern from Hong Kong.  It has been used since then to introduce work from many different interns.  I cannot thank them enough for their help.

A few weeks ago I created a presentation to show how I've reached out to universities for their support over the past 30 years.  You can view it in this post on the Tutor/Mentor blog and this post on the Mapping for Justice blog.

My goal is that people who look at the presentation, or skim through past articles on this blog, will see the potential of creating Tutor/Mentor Connection type programs on college campuses where students duplicate this work, but as part of a long-term commitment to reduce poverty and inequality in communities where each university is located.  

My last article on this blog was titled "Adopt the Tutor/Mentor Connection".    

As the first page in the above presentation says, "It just takes two or three people on a campus to launch a Tutor/Mentor Connection."  They could be helped immensely if a wealthy alum were to make a bequest to support such a program for 10 to 20 consecutive years.  

That could be YOU, or someone you know. 

I've been posting archives of newsletters written since 1993, which you can see in this collection on the Tutor/Mentor blog.  They show that the problems of the 1990s are still with us 30 years later.

Until more people say, ENOUGH, and devote time, talent and dollars to long-term efforts that help kids in high poverty areas move through school and into jobs, and help reduce the structural racism and other barriers that make this journey more difficult for some kids than for others, the problem will persist.

I hope you'll be one of those people.

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