Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanks for the help. Enjoy your 2014.

As we head in to this new year I want to thank everyone who has helped the Tutor/Mentor Connection over the past 20 years, especially the interns from South Korea, China, India, and US universities who have written numerous blog articles, and created videos and visualizations to help explain the strategies of the Tutor/Mentor Connection and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC.

Two new interns will start this week. I hope you'll follow their work at the Tutor/Mentor Connection forum.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Shining Spotlight on Interns from Past

This is the final day of the May-July 2013 internship with Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC for Byeonghui Kim and Kyungryul Kim, students from South Korea and IIT in Chicago.

When they arrived I introduce a "web quest" idea, using an animated video that you can see here.

During their internship they each created two new presentations showing strategies that can be applied by leaders in Chicago, South Korea or any other place to mobilize resources and support the growth and distribution of mentor-rich youth organizations in places where they are most needed. This past week Byeonghui Kim published this visualization, using Prezi.

At the same time Kyungryul Kim developed a video, posted on YouTube, introducing the same interns, but using a different form of communications.

Since 2005 several dozen interns from colleges in the US, South Korea and China have spent time creating new interpretations of the strategies I've been creating for over 40 years. Hopefully some of these interns will continue to work with these strategies in future years, or some of the people looking at them will adopt them in their own efforts.

I support this work in a sub group at http://tutormentorconnection.ning.com and I invite students from junior high, high school and colleges around the world to join the group and create your own interpretations of this information.

I've posted work done by interns and fellow in these following locations:

Strategy presentation pages on Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC site. Be sure to view all three pages.

Videos by interns posted on Tutor/Mentor Conference site. 2005-2012. 2013 projects done by Byeonghui Kim and Kyungryul Kim.

Graphics by past interns, on Pinterest.

Introduction of interns, on Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC site The projects from past years need to be updated where links are broken. They also need to be re-circulated so more people view these ideas. There is work for many. Please get involved.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Business recognizes girls as formidable new force

This week's article of Crain's Chicago Business features a story showing how girls are becoming high powered social activists.

I have written several articles in the past showing how young people can take on activist roles, motivating adults to do more than what they do now to help kids have safe places, good schools, and access to jobs and careers.

All of the graphics and videos shown on this blog, and this page, were done by college interns. However, these could have been done by middle school and high school students.

Let's recruit more young people to create and lead campaigns that make mentor rich youth programs available in all of the high poverty neighborhoods where the are needed.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Video Shows Planning Strategy Needed in War on Poverty

Kyungryul Kim, an intern from South Korea, has created a new video to communicate the ideas in this PDF essay, which shows strategies needed to build and sustain a wide range of youth serving organizations reaching k-12 kids in high poverty areas of Chicago and other cities.

This are a few of many presentations created by interns since 2005. View more in this blog and on this page.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

If we want to help kids through school...

This is a new presentation created by Byeonghui Kim, an intern from IIT who has been working with Tutor/Mentor Connection for the past two weeks. This communicates strategy that was first outlined in this PDF.

See the full presentation here.

By presenting this information in a new format we hope more people will look at it and adopt the strategy in their own efforts to help kids in high poverty neighborhoods have the adult support networks they need to move more successfully to jobs and careers. This type of work can be done by teens and college students, or business volunteers, anywhere in the world. The ideas can be applied to any city. Visit this group to join in this effort.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

How YOU can make a difference! New Video by Intern

This is a new video for Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC), created by Kyungryul Kim from South Korea. He is in an internship with T/MC in Chicago. Kyngryul looked at a past presentation about Tutor/Mentor connection, and made this video to communicate the ideas in a new way.

As you browse through articles posted on this blog for the past several years you can see work done by many other interns. Or goal is that hundreds, or even thousands, of young people in cities across the world become involved in this project, using their own talents to share ideas and mobilize volunteers and donors to support youth-serving programs in places where they are most needed.

If you want to get involved subscribe to the Tutor/Mentor Connection forum and join this group.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Interns - Introductions

Two new students from IIT and Korean Universities started six-week internships with Tutor/Mentor Connection, Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC last week. Below are their introductions:

Kyungryul Kim

ByeongHui Kim

Over the next six weeks Kyngryul and ByeongHui will use their communications talent to showcase the ideas that others in Chicago, Korea and around the world can use to build systems that make mentor-rich tutoring programs available to youth in more high poverty neighborhoods. Visit this group to follow their progress and to join in if you'd like to do similar work.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Videos Created By Interns

Since 2005 interns from Korea, China and local universities have been creating visualizations and videos to communicate the ideas and strategies of the Tutor/Mentor Connection and to draw volunteers and donors to programs like Cabrini Connections.

This page was created to serve as a library of these. I hope you'll visit and share these ideas. I also hope that youth from high schools, collages, non-school tutor/mentor programs and other organizations will create their own videos, with the same ideas and call-to-action, drawing volunteers and donors to youth organizations in every part of Chicago, and every city in the country.

Friday, February 22, 2013

New Assignment. A Quest!

I've created a variety of PDF essays that are intended to help people learn ways to support the growth of volunteer-based tutoring, mentoring and learning programs in high poverty neighborhoods. While these can be read on line, I've also presented them to students and volunteers. Going through this information using the PDF can be quite boring. So I've been looking for new ways to introduce these concepts. This is an animation I made to introduce this concept. View on YouTube

Here are a couple of other animations introducing students to a web quest.

Making a map, class assignment, animation.

Doing a web quest.

Look at work interns have done in the past to guide people through this information. As new projects are created we will add them to our web sites, and they become tools students can use to bring more people together in their own neighborhoods to do the work of building and sustaining mentor-rich non-school programs. Try it!