Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Shining Spotlight on Interns from Past

This is the final day of the May-July 2013 internship with Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC for Byeonghui Kim and Kyungryul Kim, students from South Korea and IIT in Chicago.

When they arrived I introduce a "web quest" idea, using an animated video that you can see here.

During their internship they each created two new presentations showing strategies that can be applied by leaders in Chicago, South Korea or any other place to mobilize resources and support the growth and distribution of mentor-rich youth organizations in places where they are most needed. This past week Byeonghui Kim published this visualization, using Prezi.

At the same time Kyungryul Kim developed a video, posted on YouTube, introducing the same interns, but using a different form of communications.

Since 2005 several dozen interns from colleges in the US, South Korea and China have spent time creating new interpretations of the strategies I've been creating for over 40 years. Hopefully some of these interns will continue to work with these strategies in future years, or some of the people looking at them will adopt them in their own efforts.

I support this work in a sub group at and I invite students from junior high, high school and colleges around the world to join the group and create your own interpretations of this information.

I've posted work done by interns and fellow in these following locations:

Strategy presentation pages on Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC site. Be sure to view all three pages.

Videos by interns posted on Tutor/Mentor Conference site. 2005-2012. 2013 projects done by Byeonghui Kim and Kyungryul Kim.

Graphics by past interns, on Pinterest.

Introduction of interns, on Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC site The projects from past years need to be updated where links are broken. They also need to be re-circulated so more people view these ideas. There is work for many. Please get involved.

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