Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Last week

It is August 7th and this is the last week I am in Chicago. It is just like what Michael said - Time flies.

I have been working on the flash animation since last post. I feel like that I am learning a new skill along with working on it and this is very encouraging to me. I always like leaning new things. Let me show you the current progress.

The little figure attached to the track moves along the track and it is just a loop. The 4 colors indicate the 4 diferent phases in the service learning process which is boosted by Tutor/Mentor connection. What I am looking forward to do is to add some interactive things like buttons to make it more user-friendly and easy to understand.

BTW, the idea of "track" to demonstrate the concept was brought up by Dan. He said the idea came up to him when he watched kids playing video games. This is really interesting that we can extract some creative ideas from daily life to help what we are working on.

If anyone of you happen to have some good idea on it, please tell me!

This is not the last post I make here. I will let you know more if I finish the flash later in this week, and I will keep updating after I leave Chicago.

- Paul WEI

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Tutor Mentor Connections said...

It has been a pleasure to have Paul working with us at Cabrini Connections and the Tutor/Mentor Connection this summer. His work illustrates the vast reserves of talent that students can bring to social service.

The fact that he comes from Hong Kong,and can stay connected to us in Chicago via the Internet, illustrates the way that people from all parts of the world can volunteer time and talent to contribute to solutions to social and economic problems that defy solution in so many parts of the world.

Thank you Paul for your contributions. I'll look forward to working with you and other students from Hong Kong Baptist University, and other parts of the world as we continue to try to connect people who can help with people in many places where help is needed.