Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Time flies! I left Chicago for several weeks. The new semester will begin on 4 September. It begins my busy life again. I register the subjects that I will take in the coming semester recently.

I keep on watching the website of the Tutor Mentor Connection and Dan's blog. I review my job duties after coming to Hong Kong. I serve as an on- line learning, collaboration and communications intern. Using different forms of Internet collaboration to make peoples around the world understand the Tutor Mentor Connection and connect all volunteers is the strategy that I use. For example, I use this blog to share my understanding of the T/MC concepts and use the T/MC forum to encourage more people to participate in the discussion. I hope I will have the chance to meet the next intern to exchange our experience and ideas by using different kinds of Internet collaboration that I mentioned.

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Tutor Mentor Connections said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for continuing your blog. If you've visited the web site this week, you've seen that it looks dramatically different than when you left.

That's because hackers have caused our host to shut down the server and rebuild the site on a new platform. All of the work you did over the summer to update the links will need to be transferred to the new site over the next few weeks.

I've started to rebuild the discussion board, and have posted the messages you put in during June and July. I hope you'll go in and keep adding to the discussion, while encouraging others from Hong Kong and Asia to join you.

Enjoy the new school year. We really miss you. Dan