Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Intern Visualizations help communicate ideas

In this post on the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC blog I showed how I scratch out ideas during meetings, then later convert them into visualizations. In the article I illustrate how interns have taken the graphics I first launch as a blog article or a power point visualization, and create new interpretations using their own talent. Here's an example.

This is an image I created many years ago to illustrate the need to support youth from first grade through high school and into jobs. It show three time frames in the day, including after 5pm when workplace volunteers would be more readily available for weekly involvement in non-school tutor/mentor programs. It shows that while parents, teachers, mentors and tutors are "pushing" youth to make decisions that have a positive influence on their lives, the business community could be "pulling" youth through school through the involvement of volunteers as mentors, and their workplace as opportunities for job shadowing, apprentice programs, part time jobs, and entry points to careers.

This graphic is from an animation created by an intern from South Korea (via IIT) that communicates this idea in a new way.

At this link you can see a wide range of visualizations done since 2006. If you'd like to do work like this introduce yourself on Twitter or join the Tutor/Mentor Connection Forum and introduce yourself.

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