Thursday, July 27, 2006

Advertising and Marketing

The three-day self-awareness workshop has been finished last week. There were lots of activities organized for students. Activities include sharing, games and so on. After the workshop, I understand much more about the operation of the T/MC. Also, I strongly feel that volunteers’ commitment to the program and it is essential to the development of the program. Therefore, the recruitment of volunteers is one of the prerequisite for the success of the program.

Traditionally, advertising confines to television and press. It is believed that they are the most effective way for promotion. Advertising is one of the main parts of any marketing program. College programs in marketing, such as those found on this college marketing degree site routinely cover the benefits of advertising. A majority of careers in marketing will also have a heavy involvement with advertising. However, they are expensive and not economical to small-scaled organizations. In order to attract more people to be involved in the T/MC and understand its concept, Internet is a useful tool for mentoring that I mentioned last time and advertising. Internet provides another channel for those organizations, which have little money but want to promote their services or products.

Blogs, forums are some tools, which can be utilized by us to promote our program. In addition to this, we can exchange our ideas regarding the tutoring and mentoring program so as to enhance our understanding and the quality of our community services.

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