Thursday, July 13, 2006


Hi, I am Michael. I have been working here for three weeks. I enjoy my life and cherish my experience in Chicago. Being encouraged by Daniel, I started writing journal weekly, reflecting my experience and feeling when I am working in the T/MC. I think it is a good way to provide a channel for us to share our ideas, views on the programe.

Learning the concept of the T/MC is the first thing that I have to do before starting my job. They are new to me. With the help of Daniel and Ariane, I understand more about the operation of the program after reading “Be a volunteer” at It presented how to be a volunteer in a systematic way. All potential volunteers are cordially encouraged to read this first before participation. U all can go to FAQ section for understanding more about our programme.

There are some differences between the situation of Hong Kong and Chicago. Most of the community services provided by charities are very much depended on government’s support. After discussing with Daniel, I understand T/MC helps to relieve the burden of the government and the poor by recruiting volunteers to help those who need help. I think it is our responsibility to share their burdens and this concept can be applied to Hong Kong in a large scale where community services are still lacking.

To ensure the integrity of the system, I check the links in the LINKS section are workable. Also, I prepare to help to add links and update the information in the Program Locator.
I feel happy as I know what I am doing is meaningful. As there will be more students to come to join our programme, we need more volunteers to join us. We appreciate your help.

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