Friday, July 31, 2009

Spring 2009 Interns Create Animated Strategy and Resource maps

Note: Animations talked about below can be viewed in videos on this page.

From late May through early July three interns from the Illinois Institute of Technology worked at Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection. Shown here are Gun Woong Go and Sung Joong Kim (pictured with Toni Pullen of the T/MC). This was the fourth cycle of interns from IIT to volunteer time with Cabrini Connections in the past two years. KG and Karse's work followed up on work started in in January by Alan Yoo and Rack Hyu Shin.

This image is of a Strategy Map flash animation, created in February by Alan and Rack. They converted a concept map created by the Tutor/Mentor Connection (see here) into a flash animation, that enables visitors to drag their mouse over an image, and get information specific to that image. Between January and June the links in the strategy map had broken, so when Karse and KG began working on this project they first had to figure out how to deconstruct the original project, so they could rebuild it with new links. Then, working with Chris Warren, our 2008-09 NUPIP Fellow, they added a voice-over narration, so that when you click an image, a narrator tells you what you are seeing. This was a huge improvement to what had been started in January.

Then, KG and Karse created a second animation, this time showing the resources that the Tutor/Mentor Connection makes available through its web sites. This map points to the different sections in the T/MC Links library, while also showing the homework help section. This was the concept map that they converted.

This is pretty impressive work, and we hope that it helps visitors to our web sites find and use the resources we make available. Visit our Ning site to learn more about work that interns from Korea (via IIT and the University of Michigan) have been doing to help us help inner city kids in Chicago and beyond.

If you have a team of students interested in working with the Tutor/Mentor Connection (you don't need to be in Chicago) just contact us and let's talk of ways you can provide a learning experience, and a leadership and service opportunity, in one on-going project.

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