Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Time for questions

I just spent the time on browsing the website.

When I started to write down my marketing proposal, I had to ask some questions.

1. What's difference between Cabrini Connections and Tutor/Mentor Connections?

I think Cabrini Connections under Tutor/Mentor Connections. If they are the same, why you keep two names?

2. Do you build up both of connections or Tutor/Mentor Connections belongs to other organizations?

3. I see your organization mission, but I still concern about your target areas, it is just in Chicago, or you want to promote the program across the America.

Current Situation:
Students Part
1. Who are your students? How many?

I know 525 low incomes, inner city teens have participated in this program since 1993. I'm not sure it is actual number for the students currently.

2. What do your students learn? What do they read/ write? How do they speak with one another?

3. How do you find your target students?

4. What is your future plan? How many students do you want to develop in the next five years or every year?

Volunteers Parts
1. Who are your volunteers?

2. How do they work for the program?

3. How many volunteers work for the program now?

Donors Parts
1. Who are your donors? How do you find them?

2. How do they donate their money through the internet or other ways?

3. Do you have some company/enterprise sponsorship?

4. Do their donation keep your finance balance (including everything expense)?

Marketing Parts
1. Do you have marketing person work for the organization?

2. What do they do?

3. What is the prospect for them?

Future Parts
1. What is your goal in the next five years?

I really want to help you make your organization better and better. I feel sorry some of questions are more agressive.
Though I am an intern for the company, but I still want to contribute my efforts to you.

Finally, I use my country's proverb "Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat".

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